Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2019

While some people seem to have a natural eye for home decor, there may be a few of you who rely on Pinterest to help make some important decorating decisions. If you are one of these people and lack the budget to hire an interior designer, these five decorating tips from the pros are the perfect place to start.

Mix New & Old
Want an eclectic or lived-in look? Simply mix modern pieces with antiques. Integrating modern trends with pieces such as treasured family heirlooms, etc, will make your home unique and personable, while still remaining stylish and current.

Upgrade Your Light Switches
Swapping out your light switches may be one of the easiest and simplest ways to change your home’s decor. Stylish light switches and outlets can compliment each room’s mood and decor.

Liven Up Everyday Spaces with Wallpaper
Wallpaper is an incredible tool that can add that "wow" factor you’re looking for, especially if used in everyday, mundane spaces such as hallways, pantries, etc. With a plethora of colours, patterns and textures to choose from, wallpaper is definitely making a huge comeback.

Enhance the Ceiling
Adorning the ceiling with paint, wallpaper or other can absolutely enhance a room. You can visually extend or lower the ceiling, tone down busy decor, create a focal point or reinforce a specific style. Treating the ceiling as a fifth wall can really make a difference.

Play With Textiles
Textiles can serve as inspiration for any space, providing the colour palette or style for which to style the room around. They help set the mood by unifying the room and bringing the space together. When selecting textiles consider the mood you want the space to depict.

There is a lot to learn when decorating your home, but one major tip to always keep in mind is less is more. Keep it simple with well-placed art or accessories. Regardless of the type of space you’re decorating, showcase your personality, express your creativity and pay attention to detail.


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