Yes, we strongly recommend that you register the new warranty for each of your new appliances. It will help Whirlpool provide more efficient warranty service if there is a problem with your product. Your registration can serve as proof of purchase for insurance loss claims. It will allow Whirlpool to contact you, in the unlikely event a safety notification is required. You can register your appliance online by visiting our Product Registration site (, or by calling us at 1-800-807-6777. In your important papers package, you will also find the registration cards that can be mailed in.
No, you never need to worry about turning it off. It automatically adjusts the power output according to the temperatures of the line it is attached to and will only ever draw power if necessary (when the temp gets below a certain temperature). Modern tapes have a built-in thermostat that automatically calls for power (and the resulting heat) as the surrounding temperature drops near freezing and cuts power off as the temperature rises. Those tapes do not draw electricity all the time, even though they remain plugged in.
Typically each file is opened with a retainer to begin drafting custom drawings and finalizing all details and options for your new home.
You have one year from the date of possession to submit further reports. Please take at least one photo of what you have found and send it in an email to the office you purchased your home from with a description of what it is, where it is found in the home, and when you noticed it. Our teams will process the report and submit a service order to the warranty and service department. Once the service team is planning a trip to your area, they will reach out to schedule a date and time with you to attend and resolve.
Please refer to the Homeowner’s Manual that was provided to you during the final walk through before taking possession.
It is a switch that will quickly cut the power and gas to the furnace in the event the owner can smell gas or has another type of emergency that would require the owner to shut down the furnace immediately.
The first visit is a "Discovery session", acquiring information from one another (question exchange) to see if we could be a possible fit for your housing needs and viewing the show homes on display.
Our transport and installation staff specialize in new home set up and delivery. The home is delivered to the property and installed as per our agreement. Set up and completion times vary, depending on factors such as the size of home and the season it is being delivered in. Naturally, winter months can take more time than summer months. Set up can be completed in as little as one week, and can take up to eight weeks.
It is likely that the receptacle you have plugged your item into is the switched receptacle. This means that one of the outlets is wired to a switch on the wall in the living room, and is intended to have a lamp plugged into it so it is easy to turn on and off the light, without having to unplug it or switch off the at the light itself.


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