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Eagle Ridge, Merritt, BC

Eagle Ridge, Merritt, BC

Recapture the essence of a more relaxed, low-maintenance lifestyle at Eagle Ridge in the sweeping panoramic views of the Nicola Valley in Merritt. Amidst this captivating countryside, Eagle Ridge located in the panoramic Nicola Valley in Merritt, B.C. The picturesque landscape brings a sense of calm and clarity to life. Activity-encouraging terrain offers endless outdoor opportunities to explore the landscape. A climate boasting thousands of hours of sunshine promotes rest and relaxation at nearby lakes. The city core offers urban shopping amenities and other necessities for day-to-day living.


Floor Plans

Turnkey - Eagleview Package
  • Located Conveniently in Merritt
  • Jeldwyn Standout Features
  • 4/12 Roof Pitch
  • Self contained truss floor
  • Drywall Interior
  • Fiber cement siding
*Note: plan cannot be modified (Jeldwyn 24660)
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