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BC Built Modular and Manufactured Homes

The Economy

When we buy in British Columbia, we directly impact our economy in positive ways. Every dollar we spend in British Columbia has a ripple effect that far exceeds that of simple profits made by the businesses who take our money in exchange for a quality home. Regardless of what sectors and industries we work in, we are all part of this cycle. We are securing jobs, helping to create new ones and let's not forget, when British Columbia businesses are successful, they are in a position to give back to the communities they serve by supporting local charities, cultural associations, etc. Successfully employed British Columbians and successful businesses also mean larger tax revenues towards government programs. Buying homes made in BC makes sense!

Health & Safety

When we buy BC homes, we know that they have met this Provinces health & safety standards. The manufacturing industry in British Columbia is highly regulated, from the factories’ environmental emissions, to the quality assurance practices, to the materials used and beyond. Buying products made in BC keeps us safer!

The Environment

When we buy a BC built home, we are reducing our carbon footprint, as products made closer to home require much less transportation. Imagine this....buying a home from the USA the lumber is shipped across the border, a home built, then its shipped back across the border! Of course that means up to 4 times the fossil fuel is burned when you buy a home from the USA. Buying a home made in BC makes our planet greener!

Labour Standards

When we buy a BC home, we can rest assured that the people who build the home are treated fairly, working in safe & sanitary conditions. Many consumers are now deciding that supporting these excellent ethical practices are important to support as we just dont know what kind of conditions other manufacturers outside our country have. Buying products made in British Columbia makes us feel good!


When we buy BC, we are contributing to the enrichment of our communities. It systematically makes us a part of something greater than ourselves and our immediate home needs. That one purchase we just made may contribute to saving the jobs of local families. Furthermore, as the gap that once existed between the consumer, the manufacturer and the retailer continues to decrease (thanks in large part to direct lines of communication that the Internet affords us), never before have consumers been able to give feedback in real time and develop and never-seen-before dialogue with these companies. Buying products made in British Columbia supports our communities!


Historically, Canadian's have always been quietly patriotic. If there's one thing the world noticed during the Vancouver Olympics is that we're a proud bunch and perhaps now (post record-breaking-Olympics) we won't be so quiet anymore. Love of Country shouldn't stop at flying a flag or wearing red and white. We have every reason to be proud of our country and Province, including the wonderful homes we make here. Some consumers buy BC homes over US-made as a matter of principle alone. We see a "Made in Canada" label as a badge of honour; one we're proud to contribute to and want others to know about. Buying homes made in Canada and BC makes us proud!