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Why Factory Built

Advantages of a Factory-Built Home

Here is a summarized breakdown of key advantages of factory-built homes.

On-time delivery

Building in a factory saves time, as construction proceeds without interruption from beginning to end. In addition, site preparation and foundation work can be carried out while the home is being built in the factory—further reducing overall construction time. The construction of every home is carefully scheduled every step of the way. You don't need to worry about lengthy delays due to poor weather, or the unavailability of trades people. With factory construction, you will know when you will be able to move in, and you can plan accordingly.

High construction quality

Working indoors, manufacturers use highly sophisticated machinery and systems and leading-edge technology for superior precision construction. Building materials and homes in progress are always protected from the damaging effects of the weather. The people working on the homes are experienced and well trained. And quality control is built into every step of the construction process.

Peace of mind

Our homes are certified to Canadian Standards Association standards by a certification and testing agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, such as CSA-International. The certification label on your home assures you that your home has been built to stringent technical requirements.

Firm Prices

In factory building, everything is planned and ordered before construction begins. This eliminates unexpected cost increases along the way. When construction starts, you will know how much your home will cost when it's done. Of the types of homes that can be constructed in a factory, manufactured homes in particular can make homeownership possible at a lower cost. The use of a surface-mount foundation with a manufactured home cuts thousands of dollars from the price of a home.

Environmental features

Factory-built homes are built with the environment in mind—they're resource efficient, for greater living comfort and lower energy bills. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction techniques and mechanical systems, including whole-house ventilation for superior indoor air quality. Building indoors allows for greater attention to the small details that result in a better-built home, such as continuous insulation and air barriers. The factory construction process also results in less waste-materials are used more efficiently.

Outstanding choices

Virtually any home can be built in a factory, and manufacturers offer a full range of homes and customized services. Factory-designed plans can be personalized to suit individual preferences and building sites.

Modular is becoming the way to go for quality, affordability and no hassles home building experience.  Call our Eagle Homes home consultants for more details today.